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MHPS’s power generation technology light the way to a low-carbon society

  • © Image Courtesy of Grupo Dragón

    Reducing our carbon footprint is one of the greatest challenges facing the modern world. That’s why MHPS is driven to generate energy while protecting our planet’s future.

    While it may not be possible to reduce carbon emissions to zero, zero is still what we aim for. We here at MHPS firmly believe that through innovation, and with the help of the world’s leading technologies, our dream of a completely carbon-free society gets closer every day.

    Today, MHPS is leading the change in power with low-carbon technology globally.

    For a brighter tomorrow

    Large-scale hydrogen-fueled gas turbine power generation

    Hydrogen, the key to unlocking cleaner power, is a new energy source that does not emit CO2 when combusted.
    MHPS’s large-scale hydrogen-fueled power plants are the world’s closest to making carbon-free power generation a reality.

    Continuing to support our society

    Eco-friendly technology at the heart of next-generation thermal power generation

    Gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power plants deliver the cleanest power from non-renewables. We use the best technology in the world to achieve high-efficiency power generation, significantly reducing CO2 emissions while using resources more effectively.

    Other MHPS advanced technology

    © Image Courtesy of Grupo Dragón

    Fuel Cells

    Our next-generation multi-use fuel cells reduce CO2 emissions to half the amount of their conventional counterparts.

    Geothermal Power

    A world-first in energy generation. Our geothermal power plants combine two-phase flow transport and a double flash system, enabling them to provide high performance efficiency while utilizing only renewable resources.