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ServicesLong Term Service Agreement (LTSA)

Long Term Service Agreement for Power Plants

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) provides customer-focused solutions which enable operators to achieve top-in-class levels of power plant availability and in turn helps secure the reliability of the overall grid. In designing our LTSA-based solutions, we focus on optimizing plant operations while minimizing maintenance costs, taking responsibility for planning maintenance program, spare parts supply, dispatch of technical advisors, remote monitoring, etc.

  • Support short/long-term maintenance to minimize plant downtime and optimize operation/maintenance costs
  • Optimization of the LTSA scope and spreading of maintenance costs over time to minimize customers' operating costs
  • Supply of quality replacement parts and technical support from highly experienced engineers
  • Utilization of remote monitoring, operating data diagnosis systems, etc. to assist with general plant optimization, including for fuel change-overs, operating load changes, maintenance interval extensions, etc.
  • Provision of business risk minimization solutions, such as to counter decreased demand, unexpected plant outages and fluctuations in currency exchange rates, etc.

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