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Steam Turbines Steam Turbines for Thermal Power Plants

Steam turbines for thermal power plants can be applied for both steam power plants *1 and GTCC power plants *2.

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) steam turbines have the flexibility to be designed for various plant requirements such as daily start and stop (DSS) operations in GTCC power plants, quick plant start-up, process steam extraction, and extraction steam for district heating.
In addition, we also have experience in installing a clutch between the steam turbine and generator in a C-G-S *3 power train to remove the need for cooling steam during plant start-up, thus allowing the reduction of auxiliary boiler capacity and improvement in ease of plant operation.

  1. steam power plant: Power plant which uses the steam turbine as its only prime mover to generate electricity.
  2. GTCC power plant: Gas Turbine Combined Cycle power plant, in which a steam turbine is used in the bottoming cycle for power generation.
  3. CGS power train: Gas turbine (C) - Generator (G) - Steam turbine (S) in single shaft arrangement.

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