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GeneratorsGenerators for Special Applications

  • Short-circuit Generators

  • Synchronous Condenser

  • Generators for MG set


Short-circuit Generator

Using technologies developed in turbine generators for thermal power plants, MHPS is able to design and manufacture generators for special applications.

MHPS has established a track record of delivering short-circuit generators to research institutions and manufacturers. These generators intentionally produce short circuits and utilize the large currents produced by short circuits as a way to test and verify electrical equipment.

Synchronous condensers use generators to control reactive power with the aim of contributing to system stability.

Generators for MG set are used as a power source for the recirculating pumps of nuclear reactors, and are designed to ensure the safe operation of a nuclear reactor as a backup power source in the event of a loss of power.


  • Short-circuit generator for testing equipment
  • Synchronous condensers for reactive power control
  • Generators for MG set used as a recirculating pump power supply for a nuclear reactor


Generator Capacity Optional
Rotational Speed Designated speed
Applicable Standards IEC 60034, IEEE C50.13, JEC-2130
Insulation Class 155 (F) or 130 (B)

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