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MHPS ICT Solutions

Harnessing Big Data, Analytics and Human Insights to Optimize Power Plant Performance

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) ICT Solutions delivers an industry first, creating a "Voice of the Plant", providing customers with real-time adaptive control and actionable knowledge.

While others talk about the digital power plant of tomorrow, MHPS ICT Solutions is already at work helping combined cycle plant operators improve plant performance, avoid unplanned downtime and enable predictive maintenance.

Helping Energy Companies Boost Profitability

Our Information and Communications Technology delivers a multi-dimensional approach to maximize plant performance, utilizing established best-in-class software and customer collaboration. We implement an optimum blend of expert systems and human insights to capture, transmit and analyze mass amounts of data rapidly.

A Leader in Harvesting Digital Insights

We are recognized as a world leader in thermalpower and environmental technologies, and were an early champion of remote monitoring and diagnostic services. Learn more about how MHPS ICT Solutions help customers improve power plant reliability, performance and flexibility.

The MHPS Difference

Our total plant engineering, design and construction experience, and its operations expertise across a range of technologies -- gas turbine combined cycle, coal fired, renewable, geothermal and IGCC -- means that MHPS ICT Solutions take into account the real world circumstances faced by plant operators.

The evolution of energy markets challenges power producers with new regulatory pressures and competitive realities. MHPS ICT Solutions illustrate a commitment to add customer value -- millions of dollars over the lifetime of a power plant -- delivering flexible operations, optimized performance and predictive maintenance. Using advanced data collection technology and human insights not only helps customers maximize ROI for generating assets, it opens the door to a brighter future for our planet.

Global Service Center Technology Academy Training Report


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