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What is DCFS

MHPS, as a leading flue gas desulfurization (FGD) plant manufacturer, has developed new superior technology for sulfur dioxide (SO2) control. The Double Contact Flow Scrubber (DCFS) is an advanced scrubber design which features many advantages in relation to performance and cost metrics. The DCFS is MHPS's proprietary developed technology and the numerous advantages of this design has led to MHPS attaining a large market share domestically and internationally with 89 reference plants currently deployed.

Mechanism of DCFS

The DCFS design is sufficiently flexible to meet a wide variety of requirements and can be constructed according to a co-current, counter-current or a hybrid configuration.

This system includes an innovative absorber which achieves super high SO2 removal performance and ease of operation as it does not contain any large internal components such as grids and packing trays which are inherently associated with various operational risks caused by scaling in conventional wet lime/limestone-gypsum processes.

Image: DCFS

Feature of DCFS

The flue gas contained SO2 contacted with absorbent.
It is easy maintenance due to a simplified internal DCFS absorber structure which includes a single stage spray header and no packing.

Image: Feature of DCFS
Feature of DCFS

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