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Research & Development Center

Contributing to the Future of Humankind with Energy

The Research & Development Center carries out investigations into boilers, steam and gas turbines, and generators for MHPS's thermal power generation business. With thermal power generation, it is necessary to curb emissions of substances that have high environmental impact. In addition, it is critical that we generate low-cost, high-efficiency products that can be adapted to the energy situation of different countries around the world. In order to achieve this mission, the Research & Development Center develops fundamental technologies such as combustion technology, high-precision analysis technology and materials development technology as well as new power generation systems that realize low cost and high efficiency. We are the world's number one group of engineers that leads evolution in thermal power generation, supporting the sustainable advancement of humankind.

Research and Development

Gas Turbines

MHPS conducts multifaceted research and develops advanced technology related to compressors, combustors and turbines-the key components of gas turbines-as well as materials, through such means as numerical analysis and elemental and verification experiments.

Steam Turbines

MHPS promotes R&D into blade development, verification testing, heat-resistant materials, structure, fluid analysis and measuring technology in order to enhance the performance and reliability of steam turbines.


MHPS performs research related to reaction, vibration and heat transfer occurring inside boilers with the aim of developing boilers that can burn a diverse array of materials efficiently and cleanly.


MHPS conducts R&D using electromagnetic vibration analysis technology and insulation testing technology at actual machine size in order to enhance the reliability of generators and realize even higher efficiency.

Main Facilities

Experimental Aerodynamics Facility (Katsuta Area)
Experimental Facility for Testing Low-NOx Combustion(Katsuta Area)
Insulation Evaluation Facility for Real Size Stator Winding(Hitachi Area)
Evaluation Facility for Turbine Verification (Hitachi Area)


1910 Started machine manufacturing and repairing as an independent annex to Hitachi Mine, Kuhara Mining Co., Ltd.
1912 Started marketing products as Hitachi Seisakusho Kuhara Mining Co., Ltd.
1918 Inaugurated a research system inside the testing department.
1934 Established Hitachi Research Laboratory.
1966 Established Machine Research Laboratory.
1971 Established Nuclear Energy Research Laboratory.
1978 Restructured Nuclear Energy Research Laboratory into Energy Research Laboratory.
1981 Established COTEC (Coal Technology Center) inside Hitachi Research Laboratory.
1993 Established GTR (Gas Turbine Research and Development Center) inside Machine Research Laboratory.
1999 Consolidated research in the fields of nuclear power and thermal power and established Electrical Power and Electrical Machinery R&D Laboratory.
2008 Changed the name of Electrical Power and Electrical Machinery R&D Laboratory to Energy and Environmental Systems Research Laboratory.
2011 Integrated Energy and Environmental Systems Research Laboratory and Machine Research Laboratory into Hitachi Research Laboratory.
2014 Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd., a joint venture company formed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Hitachi, integrating thermal power generation systems and other related businesses, established.
A research laboratory was established from its predecessors, the Turbomachinery Research Department and Thermal Power Systems Research Department, inside Hitachi Research Laboratory.


Hitachi Area (Thermal Power Research Laboratory)

Address 1-1, Saiwai-cho 3-chome, Hitachi City, Ibaraki, 317-8585, Japan
Phone +81-294-55-8860
By Train
Take the JR Joban Line to Hitachi Station. About 20 minutes' walk from Hitachi Station.

Katsuta Area (COTEC Research Laboratory / Gas Turbine Research Laboratory)

Address 832-2, Horiguchi, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki, 312-0034, Japan
Phone +81-29-275-8580
By Train
Take the JR Joban Line to Katsuta Station. About 15 minutes' walk from Katsuta Station.