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Human Resource Development

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) has established a training system that encompasses all its employees from new recruits through to top management with consistent policies aimed at realizing its management philosophy. MHPS is working to create a training infrastructure that ensures the success of professional human resources.

MHPS offers "effective training" that allows employees to receive the necessary training when they need it in the workplace.

Through dialogue between supervisors and their subordinates, we share and clarify development plans for each employee and promote a cycle of growth for each individual.
By repeating the "individual growth cycle" and "PDCA cycle for educational measures linked to management policies," MHPS seeks to promote its human resource development effort and become a No. 1 player on the global stage.

There are two tracks to company-wide training, the "administrative group" and "skills-oriented group."
In addition to company-wide training, each division conducts its own training.

Strengthening the Development of Junior Technicians

MHPS places a priority on the development of junior technicians. Employees who join MHPS as technical trainees learn their trade over the course of a year as accredited vocational training.
In addition, MHPS employees who are challenging the National Skill Competition for the 23 year old and under, and are aiming at raising further skill levels through the process of developing competence aiming at winning as much as possible.

Scene from the National Skills Competition