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Environmental Policy

The Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Group regards environmental protection as one of the most important issues in corporate management, recognizes its social responsibilities, and endeavors to reduce the burden on the environment in all fields of business.

We contribute to the protection of the environment and the development of a sustainable society on a global scale.

To achieve this Basic Policy, The Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Group will:

  1. Establish, make well known to its personnel, and operate Environmental Management Systems applicable to design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, project operation, field work and all other related work so as to promote sustainable, environmentally-friendly business activities;
  2. Abide by environmental laws, regulations and other requirements applicable to all environmental aspects within business activities;
  3. Provide products and plants that reduce environmental load through design activities that provide for the saving of natural resources, conservation of energy, reduction of waste and prevention of pollution from a life cycle point of view;
  4. Define environmental objectives and targets and establish a system to review and revise them so as to improve environmental performance continually;
  5. Establish an environmental management organization with clear responsibilities and functions under an Environmental Management Committee, to ensure implementation of the Environmental Management Systems;
  6. Conduct environmental training for its personnel and personnel of collaborating companies to ensure understanding of the Environmental Policy and increased environmental awareness;
  7. Make the Environmental Policy available to all interested parties and members of the public at any time.