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Social Media Official Account Community Guidelines

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. (“MHPS”) has established the following community guidelines for the use of social media official accounts (“Official Accounts”).

Purpose of Engagement

We will conduct promotions and communication activities using social media in order to build better relationships with those who participate in social media outlets.

Basic Policy

We will observe corporate ethical standards and act in compliance with laws and regulations when using the Official Accounts.


We are fully aware of the consequences and our responsibility to provide information on the Official Accounts and keep the following in mind:

  1. We will comply with applicable laws, both domestic and international, observe corporate ethical standards, and act in accordance with the principles of fair, transparent, and free competition.
  2. We value dialogues with various stakeholders and listen and respond to diverse opinions sincerely and proactively.
  3. We will collect information by justifiable, fair, and appropriate means. We strive to ensure that we will preserve confidentiality including customers' proprietary information and privacy.
  4. We recognize that no information can be permanently deleted once made available to the general public. We strive to ensure that no misleading information will be provided.

To People Who Participate in Social Media

  1. Please note that information published in the Official Accounts does not always reflect our official announcements or views for our official announcements and views, please refer to our official website and news releases.
  2. We may change or delete information posted on the Official Accounts or terminate the Official Accounts without prior notice.
  3. In using Official Accounts, please agree to comply with this guidelines.


  1. We make no warranties as to the accuracy, completeness, currentness, or availability of information posted on the Official Accounts.
  2. You assume full responsibility for your use of the Official Accounts. We shall not be responsible for any damage arising in relation to your access to and use of the Official Accounts.
  3. We shall not be responsible for any content posted by users (comments, photographs, videos, etc.).
  4. We shall not be responsible in the case that trouble or disputes occur between users or between users and any third party in relation to the Official Accounts.
  5. We shall not be responsible for the occurrence of any suspension, delay, interruption or error of the Official Accounts, whether due to breakdowns or maintenance work on computers or lines or other extraordinary circumstances.
  6. The copyrights and other rights to the content you post on the Official Accounts belong to you. By posting any user-generated content to the Official Account, you hereby grant us a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license (with the right to sub-license) to use (or process, extract, reproduce, publish, or translate) such content and agree not to exercise any copyrights or moral rights against us.
  7. We may not necessarily respond to all comments and messages posted on the Official Accounts.
  8. The Official Accounts are operated on the systems of the respective social media operating companies. We are unable to answer any questions regarding the situation of the respective social media operating systems. We are unable to answer any questions about functions, usage or other technical questions regarding the software or applications provided on the websites of social media operating companies or by social media operating companies or any other third parties.

Prohibited behavior

You may not engage in the following behavior when using the Official Accounts. Please note that if we believe you have engaged in any of the following behavior, we may, without prior notice, delete your posts, block your account, or otherwise take measures we think are necessary. Even if we do not take any measures against such behavior, it shall not be construed as our tolerance for or our subsequent approval of such behavior or our representations that we will not take any measures against such behavior at a later date.

  1. Actually or potentially causing disadvantage or damage to us (or its officers or employees) or any third party;
  2. Damaging the honor or reputation of or slandering or defaming us or any third party;
  3. Infringing the copyrights, portrait rights, industrial property rights or any other rights of us or any third party;
  4. Actually or potentially slandering or defaming the products or services of us or any third party;
  5. Actually or potentially damaging the reputation or dignity of us or any third party;
  6. Disclosing personal communication with us or any third party;
  7. Pretending or falsely purporting to be us or any third party;
  8. Actually or potentially causing inconvenience, disadvantage or damage to us or any third party;
  9. Invading the privacy of any third party;
  10. Identifying, disclosing, or leaking personal information without the consent of the data subject;
  11. Actually or potentially committing a criminal offense or actually or potentially engaging in such behavior that could lead to a criminal offense;
  12. Actually or potentially engaging in behavior that is offensive to public order or violates laws, regulations, or ordinances;
  13. Posting content or comments that may be unpleasant or offensive (e.g. indecent, obscene, violent, cruel, or discriminatory);
  14. Carrying out marketing, political, or religious activities for yourself or any third party;
  15. Actually or potentially misleading the visitors that you are in an alliance or cooperative relationship with us or any third party or that us or any third party recognizes, endorses, supports, or recommends external links;
  16. Actually or potentially using or providing harmful programs;
  17. Posting content or comments that contain URLs;
  18. Altering information about the Official Accounts or information provided on the Official Account;
  19. Posting links in a form that damages the clarity of the Official Accounts, such as frame links, etc;
  20. Posting content for the purpose of affiliates, advertising and promotions;
  21. Violating the terms of use stipulated by each social media operating company;
  22. Posting content that is not relevant to the purpose of the Official Accounts;
  23. Actually or potentially obstructing the operation of the Official Accounts or the provision of the services;
  24. Infringing ours or any third party's rights including copyrights, portrait rights, and trademark rights; or
    • Unless otherwise specified, the rights to all trademarks, logos, service marks, images, etc. used on the Official Accounts belong to us or the copyright or other right holders and are protected under the laws applicable to intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyrights, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, and know-how). Users must comply with the Guidelines when using information provided on the Official Accounts and may use such information only to the maximum extent permitted by law, e.g. for private purposes.
  25. Any other behavior that the operator of the Official Accounts deems inappropriate.

List of Official Accounts







Handling of personal information

Please refer to the following site for information about our basic policy regarding personal information protection.

Changes to the Guidelines

We may make changes to these Guidelines without any prior notice. On such occasions, we will post the revised version, so please be sure to always use the Official Accounts only after confirming and agreeing to the latest Guidelines. Note that the revised version of the Guidelines will also apply to any content posted before the revision to the Guidelines.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Guidelines are governed by the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction with respect to any dispute arising between a user and us in connection with the use of the Official Accounts and associated services.


Please direct inquiries regarding the Official Accounts and us to the following site.