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ServicesAir Quality Control Systems (AQCS)

Optimization of SCR Operation and Maintenance / Catalyst Replacement

As an SCR system supplier, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) offers various after-sales services such as operation and maintenance efficiency plan, and SCR performance optimization by evaluating catalyst samples against actual plant operating condition and diversified flue gasses.

The SCR catalyst is a key element in the SCR system and, in order to maintain SCR performance, requires installation and replacement as it gradually deteriorates from the flue gas composition over years of operation.

We offer wide-ranging catalysts with high reliability contributing to increased NOx removal efficiency, low SO2/SO3 conversion rate, low pressure loss, Hg oxidations and dioxin removal.

Honeycomb-type Catalyst
Plate-type Catalyst

Modification of Existing FGD Plants
for Improved Performance, Operation and Maintenance

Modification for Plant Compactification
Including Removal of Quencher

We offer economical plant modification services, such as improving desulfurization performance for handling diversified fuels, optimizing equipment maintenance/operation performance for aging facilities, and more.
We have broad experience with not only our supplied plants but also with third party supplied technologies as well.

MEEP: Dust Control Technology for Future Upgrade

Typical MEEP Retrofit Plan

Our moving electrode type ESP (MEEP*1), which is configured differently from the conventional type ESP in terms of different mechanisms, enables high dust collection performance with compact configuration. The MEEP technology offers the best solution especially to retrofit existing ESP to improve precipitation performance, without requiring additional space.

  1. MEEP: Moving Electrode Electrostatic Precipitator

Integrated Modification of Total AQCS Plant

Typical Modification Plan of Total AQCS Plant

We provide integrated total AQCS pant services to meet current and future regulations for NOx, SO2, dust , and wastewater quality . Our offerings include improved AQCS performance to manage aging plant deteriorations, fuel changes like biomass, etc.; economical and technical total plant modifications for SCR, ESP, FGD, GGH, and wastewater treatment, and more.
We have wide-ranging experience with not only our equipment but also with other non-OEM equipment and plants.

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