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Technical Report

Information about Technical Report from Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems.


  title English Japanese
Vol.52 2015 Alloy Design and Innovative Manufacturing Technology of High-Strength Ni-base Wrought Alloy for Efficiency Improvement in Thermal Power Plants PDF (5,658KB) PDF (5,673KB)
Vol.52 2015 Introduction of Hitachinaka Thermal Power Station Unit 2, Tokyo Electric Power Company
(Commercial operation starts under the largest ever mixed ratio of subbituminous coal in Japan, overcoming the earthquake disaster)
PDF (844KB) PDF (787KB)
Vol.52 2015 Construction of Coal-fired Supercritical Pressure Power Plant in India by Boiler and Turbine-generator Joint Venture Company with Larsen & Toubro (L&T) PDF (2,209KB) PDF (2,528KB)
Vol.52 2015 Dry Low-NOx Combustion Technology for Novel Clean Coal Power Generation Aiming at the Realization of a Low Carbon Society PDF (4,726KB) PDF (4,152KB)
Vol.52 2015 Current Status of Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle Projects   PDF (2,189KB)
Vol.54 2017 Application of Leading-Edge High-Efficiency USC Lignite-Fired Power Plant in Turow, Poland PDF(553KB) PDF(634KB)
Vol.54 2017 Expansion of Coal-fired Thermal Power Generation Business in India and Globalization of Indian Manufacturing Base PDF(1,391KB) PDF(1,196KB)
Vol.54 2017 Introduction of Taiwan Power Company’s Linkou Power Plant Units 1 and 2
- Steam Temperature Control Improvement of Ultra-Supercritical Sliding Pressure One-through Coal-fired Boiler and Combustion Tuning by AI -
PDF(695KB) PDF(684KB)
Vol.54 2017 Features and Operational Results of South Korea's First 1000 MW Class Coal-Fired Ultra-supercritical Boilers
- Korea East-West Power Co. Ltd. Dangjin Thermal Power Plant Units No. 9 and No. 10 -
PDF(478KB) PDF(485KB)

Gas Turbines

  title English Japanese
Vol.49 2013 Test Results of the World's First 1,600°C J-series Gas Turbine PDF (3,215KB) PDF (2,895KB)
Vol.50 2014 Development of Low NOx Combustion System with EGR for 1700°C-class Gas Turbine PDF (1,802KB) PDF (1,755KB)
Vol.50 2014 Development of Next-generation Ultra-long Exhaust End Blades for Steam Turbines and Measurement of Axial Torque at Single-axil Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Plants   PDF (3,032KB)
Vol.51 2014 Non-contact Vibration Measurement of the Rotor Blades that Play a Pivotal Role in the Reliability of Gas Turbines PDF (2,635KB) PDF (2,978KB)
Vol.52 2015 High-efficiency Gas Turbine Development applying 1600°C class "J" Technology PDF (3,473KB) PDF (4,545KB)
Vol.52 2015 World's Largest Class High-efficiency Dual-shaft H-100 Gas Turbine PDF (1,923KB) PDF (1,737KB)
Vol.52 2015 Key Technologies for Ultra-High Temperature Gas Turbines PDF (5,111KB) PDF (5,182KB)
Vol.52 2015 Computational Fluid Dynamics Technology Applied to High Performance, Reliable Axial Compressors for Power Generation Gas Turbines PDF (4,415KB) PDF (5,193KB)
Vol.52 2015 Development of Reliability Verification Technology for Gas Turbine Rotor Blades Using an Actual Unit
(High-temperature Non-contact Blade Vibration Measurement Technology)
PDF (1,587KB) PDF (2,144KB)
Vol.52 2015 Simulation and Measurement Technology of Combustion and Heat Transfer for Development of High-efficiency Gas Turbines PDF (5,479KB) PDF (4,447KB)
Vol.52 2015 Development of Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies for High-efficiency Gas Turbines PDF (3,692KB) PDF (3,254KB)
Vol.53 2016 Development of Measurement Method for Verification of Multi-Stage Axial Compressor with Improved Performance PDF(2,542KB) PDF(1,575KB)
Vol.54 2017 Operating Results of J-series Gas Turbine and Development of JAC PDF(2,397KB) PDF(2,405KB)
Vol.54 2017 Key Technologies for 1700℃ Class Ultra High Temperature Gas Turbine PDF(6,177KB) PDF(6,504KB)
Vol.54 2017 TEPCO Fuel & Power, Inc. Futtsu Thermal Power Station, Group 2, H-100 Series Gas Turbine Replacement Work PDF(455KB) PDF(435KB)
Vol.54 2017 MHPS Middle & Small Capacity Gas Turbines and Web-based Performance Calculation Tool PDF(1,615KB) PDF(1,627KB)

Steam Turbines

  title English Japanese
Vol.52 2015 Latest Technologies and Future Prospects for a New Steam Turbine PDF (3,358KB) PDF (4,932KB)
Vol.54 2017 Development of 700°C Class Steam Turbine Technology PDF(3,813KB) PDF(2,615KB)


  title English Japanese
Vol.52 2015 Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd.
Boiler Business and Technology Development
PDF (5,692KB) PDF (6,565KB)
Vol.52 2015 Efficient Boiler that Treats the By-Products of Chemical Plants   PDF (955KB)
Vol.52 2015 High-fidelity Combustion Simulation for Pulverized Coal Combustion Boilers PDF (1,358KB) PDF (543KB)
Vol.52 2015 Advantages and New Technologies of High-AVT Water Treatment in Combined Cycle Plants PDF (2,105KB) PDF (1,980KB)
Vol.52 2015 Development of Ultra-low NOx Coal Firing M-PM Burner and Successfully Operational Results PDF (2,270KB) PDF (1,080KB)
Vol.52 2015 Development of Mill-burner System for Low-rank Coal with Super-high Moisture PDF (1,330KB) PDF (1,527KB)
Vol.53 2016 Thickness Measurement Technology using Cable-less Inner UT for Boiler Heat Exchanger Tube PDF(1,386KB) PDF(1,254KB)
Vol.53 2016 Development of Jet Fuel Production System from Woody Biomass PDF(1,457KB) PDF(1,745KB)
Vol.53 2016 Development of Environmentally-Friendly Heavy Oil Fired Burner PDF(3,612KB) PDF(3,490KB)
Vol.53 2016 Development of Analysis Method for Iron Tracing in Boiler Feedwater Using Filter Concentration Method PDF(1,351KB) PDF(1,223KB)
Vol.54 2017 Surface Defect Detection Technology Contributes to Shortening of Inspection Time PDF(1,624KB) PDF(1,744KB)
Vol.54 2017 Advanced Water Treatment Technologies (High-AVT) for HRSG Corrosion Control corresponding to New JIS B8223 (Japanese Industrial Standards) PDF(2,497KB) PDF(3,086KB)

Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS)

  title English Japanese
Vol.52 2015 Highly-Efficient Removal of Toxic Trace Elements and Particulate Matter in Flue Gas Emitted from Coal-fired Power Plants by Air Quality Control System (AQCS) PDF (3,690KB) PDF (3,569KB)
Vol.52 2015 World-Class SCR Technology and Product Lineup of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. PDF (2,937KB) PDF (2,083KB)
Vol.52 2015 Wide Air Quality Control System (AQCS) Product Line-up to Meet the Needs of Any Country World Wide PDF (1,355KB) PDF (1,316KB)
Vol.54 2017 AQCS (Air Quality Control System) for Thermal Power Plants Capable of Responding to Wide Range of Coal Properties and Regulations PDF(3,682KB) PDF(3,618KB)


  title English Japanese
Vol.52 2015 Development of Large Capacity Turbine Generators for Thermal Power Plants PDF (2,198KB) PDF (3,472KB)
Vol.54 2017 Development of Large-capacity Indirect Hydrogen-cooled Turbine Generator and Latest Technologies Applied to After Sales Service PDF(5,507KB) PDF(5,413KB)

Fuel Cells

  title English Japanese
Vol.52 2015 Development of Next-Generation Large-Scale SOFC toward Realization of a Hydrogen Society PDF (2,613KB) PDF (2,369KB)
Vol.54 2017 Efforts toward Introduction of SOFC-MGT Hybrid System to the Market PDF(934KB) PDF(946KB)