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Gas TurbinesSummary of Orders

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) has a wide variety of gas turbines to meet the requests of customers around the world. Incorporating its own low NOx technologies, the gas turbines comply with rigid environmental regulations. So far we have delivered more than 900 gas turbine power generation systems. Distinguished operation records and great reliability of the delivered plants have led to customer satisfaction and high appreciation.

(As of the End of February 2017)
(Including Units Manufactured By Licensee)

Total: 933 units

H Series 201 units
  • H-15 (6), H-25 (174), H-100 (21)
D Series 126 units
  • M501D (25), M701D (101)
F Series 263 units
  • M501F (80), M701F (183)
G Series 95 units
  • M501G (84), M701G (11)
J Series 45 units
  • M501J (43), M701J (2)
Other 203 units

Cumulative Total Number of MHPS Gas Turbines Ordered

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