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DIASYS Netmation is used as a control system for liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier vessels which carries out centralized control and monitoring of all aspects including the loading, transportation and unloading of cargo (cargo department), in addition to turbines and boilers (engine department) that make up vessel propulsion plants.

Utilizing high system performance and the expertise gained from many years in shipyards, we help LNG carriers achieve energy-saving operation and ensure the safe transportation of LNG.


High Reliability Systems

In addition to hardware redundancies that include CPUs, power supply and networks, optimal distributed processing of signal I/O and control functions tailored to the plant configuration under control enhance reliability as a total plant control system.

Support for the Safe and Energy-saving Operation of LNG Carriers

Through total plant control features including LNG management, we support the safe and energy-saving operation of LNG carriers.

The solution also assists vessel operation through a range of data collection features, such as real-time trends that collect data in intervals as short as one second, and long-term trends able to record up to 500 days of all plant data.

System Configuration

Control systems for LNG carriers comprise engine department control systems and cargo department control systems, which are connected through a highly redundant network.

Vessel Control Systems

Basic Configuration

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